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This is the cover of the first part of the game.

Welcome to the Monmusu Quest WikiEdit

Monsmusu Quest Wiki is an encyclopedia about the game "Monmusu Quest - Monster Girls' Assault". Wiki contains information about locations, monsters, characters and the plot of the game's universe. It is an encyclopedia that can be edited by everyone.

The topic of this wikiEdit

"Monmusu Quest ~ Monster Girls' Assault" is a Japanese hentai visual novel with RPG elements from Torotoro Resistance. Events of the game take place in the world ruled by powerful goddess named Ilias. People who live in her world follow her comandments and religion. But this land is also inhabited by different monsters, who act like succubi and seek out men to feed on. Ilias hates monsters and so do her followers. The main protagonist, young boy named Luka, is going to be baptized by the Goddess and begins his journey as a Hero, whose fate is to kill the Monster Lord and bring peace on the land. But he discovers, that not all monsters are evil beings. The player follows Luka on his journey and learns the truth about this world's demons and Goddess. Help him on his trip and enjoy being raped by monster girls! Many quests and secrets wait for you!

This wiki was created to provide information about the game and to help players to deal with problems during gameplay. It can be edited by everyone.

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